The day started off pretty early. Six a.m. to be exact. I should have finished packing Sunday night but I didn’t so I had to do it this morning. I had about a two and a half hour drive to the Nashville airport where I met up with my class at the American Airlines ticket counter. Before we even left check in to go to our gate our flight had been delayed. I very quickly became friends with a small group of girls also on the trip which made the wait for boarding much better. The plane to New York was rather small so the turbulence made it a rough trip. The delay cut our wait time at New York, or at least we thought it did. The gate for our flight to London changed and then the departure time was pushed back almost 2 hours. However, the plane was very nice and had a lot more room. Plus we each had our own TV with a lot of choices for entertainment. So naturally, instead of sleeping I watched a movie. I was too excited to sleep anyway. And sometime between New York and London Monday ended and that is a very weird feeling.


Obviously we were very excited when waiting for take off on our plane to London.