After landing at London Heathrow, the first thing we had to do was enter the country. It sounded a lot more intimidating than it actually was. We waited in a rather long line that thankfully moved quickly to have our passport stamped, show them our letter of intent, and answer a few questions. It was very simple. Once everyone was through we found our luggage and waited for a bus to pick us up and take us to Harlaxton. I tried sleeping a little bit on the bus but could only manage to doze off a little at a time.

We made it to Harlaxton Manor just in time for lunch. After eating we went to find our rooms and settle in. Then came the fun part, manor exploration. There is so much to look at and it’s very confusing to figure out where you are at in the manor, but I think that was the fun part of it.




This is my room. Not bad for a dorm in a manor, right?



This is a ceiling. At the top it looks like there is another floor even though there isn’t.



This is the great hall. A lot of weddings happen here.



This is the gates in front of the manor. There is the gate house a little further down the drive and another at the end of the mile long driveway.



Some students stay here at the Carriage House.



There is really nothing more awesome than a secret passage. This one is in the great hall. It was used for servants to get around without being seen.



Here is an incredible stained glass window in the great hall.



While the paint on the ceiling isn’t original, it still looks incredible. This was a sort of waiting room off of the dining room.



This is the Long Gallery. This room would be used for women to walk in after dinner when they couldn’t walk outside.


It was a very tiring day, but I feel like I managed to thoroughly walk through the areas I could of the manor. Class starts tomorrow. We will be going to Lincoln to look at a Cathedral and a castle.