Our first class trip took us to Lincoln to see a cathedral and a castle. The England weather held up its end of the deal by raining all day. The area of Lincoln that we explored was on top of a hill that put the WKU hill to shame. I’m so glad we drove up it instead of walking up it.

Near the cathedral were a bunch of little shops. We went in to a few too look for souvenirs before going on our tour of the cathedral.


Even though the Cathedral was undergoing restoration projects, it was still incredibly beautiful. It was a mix of different architectural styles such as Gothic and Romanesque. Our tour guide had drawings of the Cathedral that showed each historical part of the Cathedral and what was added on when. Many parts were at one point part of a disaster such as a fire. The cathedral is still a place where people come to worship.


This area of the church has experienced a lot of rebuilding. It is in the Gothic style as can be seen in the arches. There are parts where you can tell that the newer construction didn’t line up with the older construction, such as narrower arches in some places and the center line down the ceiling not lining up through the whole ceiling.


The cathedral was incredibly detailed. Some restoration on these detailed walls had to be done after the reformation when many detailed parts of churches and cathedrals were destroyed. We were able to see the remains of some color on the wall that had been white washed during the reformation.

IMG_3146 IMG_3147

We went for a tour of the castle. However, due to the large amount of rain I was unable to get my camera out. We couldn’t go inside the castle, but we got to see a few parts of the old prison. The picture below was taken in the prison cathedral. The intent was to cut off the prisoners from everyone and only have them surrounded by religion. The women sat in the front row and the men sat isolated in the rest of the chapel. The seats were tilted so that you had to have your legs tensed so you wouldn’t slide off. It was experimental and the process didn’t stay as many prisoners ended up going crazy from the isolation.


This is a Roman archway that was part of the original fortress. It is the only one that is still functioning as it would have back in Roman times, a sort of gateway in to the city.


I hope the rain lets up a bit tomorrow. As beautiful as England is so far, I think it will be even more beautiful when the sun is shining.