Today’s class trip took us to Stamford. This town was absolutely beautiful and rich in history. Our tour guide took us around the city to show us some of the more historical areas. This was a trip that I think is better told through pictures. IMG_3227 IMG_3237 IMG_3246 IMG_3249 IMG_3252 IMG_3269 IMG_3270 IMG_3283 IMG_3303

We went to Stamford while there was a farmer’s market of sorts going on. There were a lot of local artisans and farmers set up in tents all down one of the main streets. We ate lunch in a beautiful park, and the best part was it was somewhat warm today! Once we finished walking around Stamford we went to tour 2 churches, one in Barnack and one in Tickencote. Below is the church in Barnack. The bottom section of the church was built in Anglo-Saxon times and the part above that is Roman. This is still a functioning church that was first built in the 2nd century.



These are coffins and grave markers from the Roman times.



This is a view of the choir screen that separated the wealthy from the poor. On special occasions the priest would preach from on top of the choir screen. The doorway in the lower center of the picture is where there is a staircase that allows access to the top.


This is the outside of the church in Tickencote. There used to be a room at the top of the church where the priest would sleep.


Both churches had depictions of good and evil. Our tour guide speculated that in those times people put both good and evil in the church just in case they decided they were wrong and praying to the wrong side of things.



I really enjoyed the day and spending time in the sun. Stamford was incredibly beautiful and a great day trip. The town wasn’t industrialized because the train tracks didn’t reach it. It was nice to be away from industrialization and really experience a more easy going town life.