This morning we walked to the church in Harlaxton as a class. The Harlaxton church is part of the Church of England. It was a rather quick service and very planned out. We were given a paper that told us the exact breakdown of the service. The really interesting part of the service was the people in attendance at the service. Most of the people were older. There was a young couple visiting and two small children that were there with their parents. Affiliation with the Church of England has gone down in recent years. Many people in England no longer go to a church service.

The initials on the stone here are believed to be that of a child soldier.

IMAG0247 IMAG0248 IMAG0249

This was a beautiful view of Harlaxton while we were walking back.


We spent the rest of the day walking around the manor grounds. Tomorrow is our last day here at Harlaxton.