Today I woke up with a cold. I felt miserable the majority of the day. We started off the day by going to Wesley’s Chapel, which is a Methodist chapel built by John Wesley. I spent the majority of the tour sneezing and coughing and struggling to stay awake. I can’t believe I ended up sick while here in England!


IMG_3847 IMG_3846 IMG_3844 IMG_3843 IMG_3839 IMG_3841 IMG_3842

After the tour, we had a little bit a free time until our next activity, so we went back to the King’s Cross area via the Tube (known as the subway in America). Our professors told us we would be pros at the Tube before we left. We will see if that happens. Over by King’s Cross is the British Library. For me this was the most amazing place ever. I love books and I love to read. I was a little overwhelmed in the store there trying to choose just one book to buy. There were so many great books and some that were just beautifully decorated. There was Alice in Wonderland shirts and other gift items and just so much stuff to look at. I ended up getting the 75th anniversary pocket edition of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. It seemed fitting since I went to the pub where Tolkien used to hang out with C.S. Lewis. If I didn’t already have a beautiful leather bound edition of C.S. Lewis’s Alice in Wonderland and other stories, I would have gotten Alice in Wonderland as well. The art work, done by Tolkien, is beautiful, and I’m very proud that I can now say I got a book from the British Library! The part of the library we walked through housed beautiful texts from other cultures, many of which were religious texts. There was even a Beatles display. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed in this section. I did take a picture of this huge encased bookshelf that was part of the photography allowed area before we had to dash off to our next location.


I had to take a picture of this sign just because I used to live about an hour south of Chicago. I loved seeing a sign to go visit Chicago!




Next on our agenda was to go see The Tempest at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. To get over to the theatre, we had to cross the Millennium Bridge, which happened to be “destroyed” by Death Eaters in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! Another exciting Harry Potter related moment for me! The theatre itself is no the original Globe Theatre. The original one burnt down. This one is their best guess at what it would have looked like. Where our tickets were for, the standing area, was where the peasants would have been back in Shakespeare’s time. The higher up you sat, the more money you had. The play itself was incredible. One of the main characters, Ariel, was played by Colin Morgan who was Merlin on the BBC series Merlin. He was wonderful with the part. Like many of Shakespeare’s plays, there was plenty of humor. It was just an excellent experience.


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So far London has been crazy. There is so much to do and I don’t know how we are going to have time to see everything we want to see. We have another full day tomorrow. Hopefully I feel better in the morning!