I woke up this morning feeling a little better. Not 100 percent yet but much better. We started off the day by going to the Victoria and Albert Museum. There was so much to look at in there that we couldn’t even begin to see all of it. We were split into groups again and sent looking for religiously significant items, and to look for the bust of Oliver Cromwell. We found the bust first then went looking for displays to write our paper on. The displays range from modern times to hundreds of years ago. Although it held no relevance to the class, we walked through an exhibit on fashion in London through the years. It was incredible to see how fashion has changed from big full skirts, to casual jeans and t-shirts. This first picture was taken through a glass door. It was a library that was not open today. That was very upsetting for me considering how much I love libraries.

IMAG0291  IMAG0293 IMAG0294 IMAG0295 IMAG0296

The attention to detail on everything was incredible especially considering the time period most of the stuff we saw was created in. We didn’t get time to see a lot as we had somewhere else we had to go. After we all met back up, we went to Brompton Oratory. We didn’t really get to see much of it because there was a Mass going on, and there was no photography allowed so I didn’t get to take any pictures. The church was so ornate and beautifully decorated. It seemed like every inch of it was decorated in some way. The Brompton Oratory was the first catholic church built after the Protestant Reformation. The Protestants believed that a church should be simple. The Oratory was anything but simple. After leaving the Oratory, we were sent off on our own. Because we were in the area, Whitney, Nicole, Lauren, Neha, and I’s first stop was Harrods. It is a giant department store, and also a very expensive department store. We felt rather lost and out of place looking around. I felt like it went on forever. We only looked through a few areas of the store before moving on.


Next we went over to the West Minster area so see Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, the Oliver Cromwell statue (since he is a big reason why many things in churches we visited were destroyed), the National Portrait Gallery, and Buckingham Palace. At the National Protrait Gallery, we mainly went in so Whitney could see Duchess Kate’s portrait. In the same room as her portrait was the portrait of Dame Maggie Smith, who played Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter series. After the National Portrait Gallery, we went in search of Buckingham Palace. It was so crowded! There were people everywhere. But while in London, it is a place you must see.  IMAG0300 IMAG0301 IMAG0302 IMAG0304 IMAG0306 IMAG0307 IMAG0308 IMAG0309 IMAG0310 IMAG0311

We then walked as quickly as possible over to the British Museum to try to see some of the items that our professors suggested we find. We got there about 5 minutes before we closed, just enough time to see the Rosetta Stone. Since we didn’t have any time to see anything else in the museum, we left to get dinner at the Museum Pub and planned where we would go next. I got vegetarian fish and chips. It was basically cheese fried in the fish batter. It was very good. We decided to next go ride the London eye. This involved walking very quickly back to the tube and going back over to the Westminster area. However, it was so worth running around London. The views were incredible!

IMAG0313 IMAG0314 IMAG0315

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Being able to quickly get around London using the tube made me forget just how big London is. We wouldn’t even see all of the city from the top of The Eye. There is so much there to see and we won’t have time to see the majority of it. It was a very full day today. Tomorrow is our last day here and it is the one I’m looking forward to the most. I can’t wait! We are going to Westminster Abbey and then Jennifer, Taylor, and I are going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour! I’m so excited!