The flights yesterday were kind of rough. The one from London to New York wasn’t too bad. I watched 3 movies- Beautiful Creatures, Les Miserables, and Breaking Dawn part 2. Our flights were on time, but it was the wait between flights were things went downhill. I started feeling incredibly sick to my stomach. Now I’m pretty sure it was just air sickness, but it made the flight from New York to Nashville rough. We got back to Nashville around 6:30 where my mom was waiting for me. By the time we got home it was around 8. I was absolutely exhausted from the jet-lag and went straight to bed. I’m still feeling jet-lagged today. I’ve been showing my family the pictures I took and telling them about the trip. It was kind of weird getting up this morning and not going to get breakfast with Whitney, Lauren, and Nicole like I’ve done for the past 2 weeks. Also, not having the entire day planned out and full of things to do made today a very lazy day. I need to catch up on sleep.